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Find a Volunteer to Teach AIS at Your School!

The Japan-America Society has created a Matching Site for busy teachers to find a volunteer that can teach the AIS PowerPoint in their classroom.


"I want to use AIS, but I'm not very good at English."


"I don't know much about American schools. It would be helpful to have someone who actually knew about the subject."


"I want to do the AIS lesson, but my Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) is busy/unavailable."


In an attempt to resolve the above concerns, the Matching Site introduces teachers to volunteers with knowledge of American education and/or English language proficiency. When contacted by a teacher, registered AIS Volunteers will visit the teacher's school to present the PowerPoint alone or with the homeroom teacher and/or ALT. Teachers can also learn to teach the AIS lesson themselves after watching the volunteer's presentation.


After registering on the Matching Site, teachers can view which volunteers are closest to their schools. Teachers can then directly contact a suitable volunteer to visit their school.


See below for the complete matching process.

○Who can register as volunteers?

Education students, native English speakers, people who have lived in an English-speaking country, and people who are interested in elementary English education.


○What do the volunteers do?

Volunteers visit your school and teach the AIS Presentation. They can teach by themselves or team-teach with the teacher or ALT.


○Are there any requirements for volunteers?

Volunteer Registration asks about teaching licenses and English proficiency, but neither are required. However, after registering, volunteers are encouraged to complete Web Orientation to prepare for the AIS lesson. Teachers can view Volunteer Profiles, which display their answers to these registration questions. Teachers can also see if volunteers have completed Web Orientation.      


○What should teachers do to prepare for a school visit?

Teachers should make sure that the PowerPoint will work. Please check the speakers and other classroom technology. The volunteer will usually bring all teaching materials, but please discuss with the volunteer beforehand who will prepare which materials in case the school forbids USB's or in case the volunteer cannot print.


○Do teachers choose volunteers? Does the Japan-America Society dispatch volunteers?

No. Teachers choose and contact volunteers. If teachers find a suitable volunteer, they can contact them by phone or email to plan the school visit. 


Please contact us if you have additional questions. 



Register as a teacher here!

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